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NAFEMS library

1. NAFEMS workbook of Examples
2. Benchmark Tests for Finite Element Modelling of Contact, Gapping and Sliding
3. Three Dimensional Test Cases in Linear Elastic Fracture  Mechanics
4. Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis


How to- Perform Linear Dynamics Analysis
6. How to- Use Beam, Plate and Shell Elements


Why to- Manufacturing Simulations
8. Why to- Discrete Element Analysis
9. Understanding Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis Through Illustrative Benchmarks
10. How to Anlayse the static and Dynamic Response of Viscoelastic Components
11. An Introduction to Modelling Buckling and Collapse
12. How to Undertake a Contract & Fraction Analysis
13. An Explicit Finite Element Primer
14. The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - Volume1
15. How to Manage Finite Element Analysis in the Design Process
16. Why do Multi-Body System Simulation
17. NAFEMS Computational Fluid Dynamic Benchmarks - Volume 1
18. Robust Design Optimization in Virtual Product Development
19. High value Manufacturing Modelling and Simulation Best Practices
20. Tutorials for the Simulation of Forging processes
21. How to Analyse Composites
22. Why do a Multi-Physics Analysis
23. A Designer's Guide to Simulation with Finite Element Analysis
24. How to Undertake Fracture Mechanics Analysis with Finite Elements
25. Tips and Workaround- for CAD -Generated Models
26. A Finite element primer
27. Introduction to non-linear Finite element analysis
28. How to - Undertake a contact and friction analysis
29. A review of contact and friction in FEA
30. Advanced workbook of examples and case studies V2